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Capturing Memories that Last a Lifetime

Your wedding day is a very special event, filled with many beautiful moments.  You have carefully planned for everything to be perfect, from the rings to the flowers and the caterer to the photographer. But what about the video? Unique Video Creations has been providing quality wedding cinematography service since 1983.  To ensure optimal quality, we use the latest in digital technology to capture and edit your special day.

Our video services have taken us to local venues as well as international ones. Do you come from an Indian, Coptic or other culturally diverse background?  Here at Unique Video Creations we pride ourselves in working with couples from all walks of life. UVC is prepared to bring you the best quality service along with cultural understanding.

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Package 1:

  • One hour of pre-wedding ceremony coveragerandl
  • One-angle ceremony coverage
  • Two hours of reception coverage
  • 20-30 minute highlight video

Package 2:

  • Photo montage
  • Two hours of rehearsal day coverage
  • Two hours of pre-wedding ceremony footage
  • Two-angle ceremony coverage
  • Two hours of reception coverage
  • 30-40 minute highlight video

Package 3:

  • Photo montage
  • Unlimited rehearsal day coverage
  • Unlimited wedding day coverage
  • Three-angle ceremony coverage
  • Unlimited reception coverage
  • 30-60 minute highlight video

Package 4:

  • Photo montage
  • Unlimited coverage
  • 3-5 minute wedding teaser
  • Receive wedding video on a hard drive